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The Dark Horse Series

I noticed that I seem to write a lot about John Winchester. He's the fallen hero that everyone discards as an abusive father. I, however, think of him as a dark horse of sorts. When I started noticing that I was writing a lot of reflective John pieces, I got the idea to write a series about John Winchester. I went through all my past one-shots and collected the ones that I thought best described him as I saw him. So, basicially, I'm going to be writing my first series called The Dark Horse Series.


Every hero has a beginning.

All heroes walked along the stepping stones of life into prominence. All legends began with a single action, a single word. John Winchester was little known among the vast hunting community; however, one violent act, one distorted master plan, one talk with a psychic forever changed the course of the Winchester's lives. Driven with the overwhelming need of vengeance, John emerges into the hunting world with hushed whispers and legendary tales that rivaled those of Alexander the Great and King Arthur. No longer living in the shadow of better hunters, he would become known as the dark horse whose lively flame extinguished much too soon for the love of his oldest son.

The Winchester's story is more than the tragic death of a loved one, more than the defeat of the most powerful demon to walk among the soil of earth. The tale weaves through John's life from combat in a foreign country to the battlegrounds of the American back roads. It intertwines its way through heartbreaking love, loss of loved ones, slaying the unknown evils of the world, and building bonds that death cannot break.

In the end, the extraordinary legend of John Winchester would be forced into the footnotes of the great Demon War that would star two young boys who became men all too quickly. Two men who John would do anything to protect, anything to shield them from the harsh realities of life. Two men that always looked small and young in John's eyes despite how tall they grew, how old they got.


A dark horse - someone who emerges to prominence being previously unknown

So far these are the stories that are completed or in the process of being written. Though, do note, that other stories will be added in. This is just the timeline thus far, but the order is sure to change.

The Dark Horse: John's Journey

1. Lies the Crown - Nearly three months after the fire, John Winchester packed up his boys and left Lawrence for good. With a mission in mind, John and his two small sons redefine their lives and start down the painful road of revenge.

2. Trick or Treat - It was Sam's first time trick or treating. It was Dean's first time without his mom. It was John's first time trying to bring some normal in his sons' lives.

*** 3. Achilles' Heel - Even at the tender age of four, Sammy Winchester knew exactly how to hurt his father. With his burning questions, John doesn't know how to help his son understand why. Story won a Sensue Award

*** 4. Kid Gloves - Dean woke John up in the middle of the night saying Sam couldn't breathe. By the time John got to the room, Sammy was motionless on the bed and tinted blue. Story won a Sensue Award

5. Wearing the Trousers - It's Dean's first time caring for his baby brother alone for more than twenty-four hours straight.

6. Death for Ghosts - In the dead of night, John takes his two young sons to a cemetery to salt and burn a corpse that prompts Sammy to ask the questions that he doesn't know how to answer.

7. They Came at Night - There was a rustle, a bang, a crunch of leaves. They were noises that made John go outside with a gun. What he didn't think about was what was outside was trying to get in to his two sleeping boys. (WIP)

8.  Sixes and Sevens - Trust: it can make or break a relationship. Gaining John Winchester's trust was a trying experience that few managed to feat.

***9. Crown of Thorns - It was a demon John wasn't expecting, a hunt that he didn't count on going down exactly how it did. All he knew is that this demon got into his mind, twisted his thoughts around into a pile so dark that he couldn't even remember his own sons. This demon who somehow managed to take away everything he held dear, to make him lash out against his oldest son. It was this demon who changed his youngest son's opinion of his father forever. Story won a Sensue Award

10. The Dark Horse - What is a father supposed to do when he hears whispers that his fifteen-year-old son is tainted by the very thing that killed the love of his life? John Winchester uncovers the terrifying truth about his youngest son's cruel destiny and will stop at nothing to protect him from the truth.

11. Walk the Line - There was one song that made John think of Mary, one song that would hunt him for the rest of his life.

12. Unfinished - In a prison of tortured souls and endless nightmares, an opening of twinkling darkness cuts through the haze to the final showdown.


The Dark Horse stories in the works.


How is the series actually following the show? Spoilers for 'The Kids Are Alright'.

How is the series actually following the show? Spoilers for 'A Very Supernatural Christmas'


Feedback is greatly appreciated. Please take the extra minute to write a short, sweet review since it helps out an author more than you can imagine.

Awards Won for Series:

Sensue: Childhood Trauma - Achilles' Heel, Kid Gloves

Childhood Trauma Runner-up - Crown of Thorns


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Jun. 11th, 2008 07:31 pm (UTC)
Quick Note
I haven't started reading yet but I think the word you want in your summary is extinguished not distinguished. See below...

whose lively flame distinguished much too soon for the love of his oldest son.

Distinguished means marked by eminance or excellence Extinguished is to quench - put out

Jun. 11th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Quick Note
Thanks for pointing that out for me. I can never seem to catch my own mistakes in my writing since everything appears right in my head when I reread it. Does that make sense? Anyways, thanks for helping me out with that. I have an editor read over my stories, so hopefully you won't see silly mistakes like that when you read the actual stories. Some of the early ones I wrote where unedited, but I think there is only one or two small one-shots. Or, there could be times when I overlooked one of the high-lighted mistakes I made in the editor notes. Silly things like that. I hope you enjoy the series though.
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