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In the Beginning

Okay, I know I haven't updated in forevers and all of you probably don't care what I think anymore, but I've been majorly busy with college and work. I barely have freetime for myself anymore, but I promise you that I haven't left "The Dark Horse" series to rot. I will finish it.

Firstly, I have to admit that I taped the episode. It was the first episode that I have ever taped and not watched live. Seriously though, I think that the VP debate was more important than my favorite TV show which, of course, is all kinds of crazy but sadly true.

Secondly, I'm sorry, I was really excited for this episode and, even though Mary was a HUNTER and made me squeal that I actually have something canon in "The Dark Horse" series, I was seriously disappointed with how the episode developed. Honestly, I want to know if John and Azazel recognized Dean. I mean, you would think that Azazel wouldn't forget him, because Dean went all "remember my face because I'm the one that kills you" bahness, but you'd think Azazel would have hinted at it somehow. Right? Because, Azazel was snarky and sneaky and just plain awesome, and I feel betrayed that we didn't get a hint that Azazel knew Dean since we got a hint that Mary was apologentic towards Sam for some reason. Then, we find out why she was sorry in this episode, which is great but everything else seemed flat. Plus, Azazel says in AHBL Part II that he "knew he kept Dean around for a reason" which, in this case, was to bring Sam back from the dead. But, if Azazel knew Dean could possibly kill him by knowing him in the past, you would think that Azazel would kill Dean when he was a young lad just in case. You know, revenge and all that takes a toll on a person. He was so concerned about John killing him but not about Dean who told him that he would freakin' kill him. I'm sorry. That's just stupid, and Azazel isn't stupid.

So, seriously, though, I want to know if John realized what had happened all those years ago. Of course, John would never say anything to Dean about it, but he must of known that Dean somehow time travels when he's a healthy man in his late twenties/early thirties (because Papa Winchester wouldn't know his exact age). But when Dean started molding from a boy to a man in his late teens, John surely must have started to put the pieces together that, hey, that really weird guy I met once and told me to buy the the love of my life car kinda looks like my son - not to mention he has the same name of Dean. Or, say, John didn't put the pieces together because he met the guy a couple times. Surely, when Dean grew into his twenties, John would think "this guy looks like someone I knew once a upon a time when I believed in happily ever afters" and slowly realize what it all meant. I'm sorry, maybe I expect too much from the show, but I want to know that John remembered his future son in the past.

Also, Mary was stupid. Dean warned her about November 2 and she makes a freakin' deal with Azazel and yet she doesn't take the advice of a hunter who knew things? Seriously, I'm an open-minded gal. I'll believe nearly everything until proven wrong. If I was some hunter who knew that these things existed, I would listen to a phony fortune-teller if she told me to stay in bed on November 2. I wouldn't risk it just in case. Mary seems like a level-headed person. So she has a date from a mysterious hunter not to mention a fair warning from Azazel that nobody will get hurt if he's not interrupted. Seriously, WTF, Mary? You were badass and somehow got soft.

I dunno. I liked the episode if I don't think about the complications it arises in the show. I mean, perhaps if this was a season 1 episode before we got knee-deep in mythology it would have worked out, but it seemed too disconnected now.




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Oct. 3rd, 2008 08:51 pm (UTC)
You brought up things that I didn't think about at first.

Its kinda still sinking in. Wasn't there an old saying or rule that once you get too comfortable you get slapped in the face with reality?

Mary wanted normal so bad she put what Dean said in the back of her head. Put that horrible night in general in waay back in a place to forget cause she wanted normal so bad.

As for John remembering, I take it as that whole back to the future thing where Marty's Dad didn't even remember meeting his future son.

Also factoring in the Angels, what they already knew, whose to say they didn't pull some Mojo when John died effectively erasing Dean's trip from his head. He came off as this naive kid who was in love.

Or maybe with time he just forgot. There are alot of things that came up that my step-dad pointed out, something about a paradox... it gave me a headache actually bringing it back up.

I'm sure there is more but i can't remember at the moment.
Nov. 17th, 2008 07:22 am (UTC)
Oh dear...
There is a certain reason why shows should stay away from time travel. All of these questions that start popping up are exactly why when you write an episode of such importance you need to have it air tight or else it is all gone to Hell!
Whelp, that is my say.
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